This photographic image represents a collection of things collected in travels and bought in markets, shops and street vendors of the past.
It was in 1995 that my friend Roland gave me a letterpress board consisting of 128 spaces to fill freely.
In this way I was able, with the many objects collected, to immerse myself in an unusual world made up of doll’s house details, ready-mades, amulets, minerals, significant characters I met while photographing, but also mythological figures or fairy tales.
It was fun, in an unusual and bizarre journey of combinations, modifications and stunts that lasted six years that surprised me continuously; how to see what it was like to put together the newlyweds, a key, the effigy of death and the little man who begs the sky standing on the Ching coins, as a representation of the hallucinatory taste to which today’s society has accustomed us.
I called this comic opera “Todo loco” because for me it represents the erroneousness of the world, with its enigmas.

* 2017 C. Balducci, Archivi impossibili. Un’ossessione dell’arte contemporanea,
Johan & Levi