I am Giordano, a shepherd child. I learn a job by playing.
Here, everything has its fun aspect and in the midst of nature there is always something to see and hear, which changes with the different seasons of the year. In spring, when the snow melts, a thousand streams form and the meadows are filled with flowers immediately visited by bees. In summer, however, millions of noisy and busy insects appear in the meadows.
We have many animals and over time I have come to know them in their different characters. They called my donkey Quiet, but I really call him Testone because he runs away when he doesn’t want to carry the load, brays and throws himself on the ground. But he and I are very friends, indeed I must say my best friend with my two dogs.
In the morning, before I go to school, I help my mom milk. Uncle Modesto taught me that. My favorite cow is called Bianca who never kicks me when I milk her.
In the summer, when we make hay, we are all together, big and small, and we joke and laugh, even if the work is tiring. In October, the leaves are collected in the woods for the new litter in the stable and wood is fetched for the winter.
I also like going to school where I meet other children and learn about the world.