In 1982, high up in the clouds, impressed by New York’s first skyscrapers, it was like photographing a dream of beauty elevated to the sky.

There was a contrast between the grandeur of the skyscrapers and the feeling of loneliness they inspired in me. In the viewfinder of the camera placed on the tripod, a distant and superb America stood out, making me feel small.

The Decò architecture that I looked for, map in hand, in the streets of Manhattan is full of figurative motifs in relief and the light, with its shadows, creates an atmosphere of sublime uselessness. A style and model with an aesthetic taste that, like many other influences, landed in New York from the Old Continent and was immediately incorporated, consumed and forgotten. I was therefore aware and heartened by the documentary value of this work.

Fantastic figures and decorations have now disappeared from the facades of the new architecture, all glass and steel. Today in New York there are more than six thousand skyscrapers; the last one stands out where the Twin Towers collapsed.

In primo piano l'orologio del RCA Victor Building (570 Lexington Ave) e sullo sfondo il Chrysler Building
Sullo sfondo a sinistra il grattacielo McGraw-Hill, il Paramount Building, nel centro destra l'Irving Trust Company Building e l'Empire State Building sulla destra
Madison Belmont Building (Cheney Brothers), 181 Madison Avenue
Chrysler Building, 405 Lexington Ave
Veduta dalla strada del Kent Automatic Garage, Columbus Avenue and West 61st Street, degli architetti Jardine, Hill & Murdock
Dettaglio degli ultimi piani del American Radiator Building, 40 West 40th Street
Dettaglio di uno degli ingressi del Rockfeller Centre
Dettaglio della sommità del Chrysler Building
Dettaglio dell'entrata principale, 30 Rockfeller Plaza
Dettaglio della facciata sud dell'Empire State Building
Mecca Temple/City Center 130 West 55th Street
Particolare della facciata dell'Empire State Building
Particolare dei grattacieli decò senza ornamenti di Chelsea visti da Hoboken
Prospettiva geometrica di una scala antincendio a Greenwich Village
Facciata alla luce del tramonto dell'Irving Trust Building, alle sue spalle il 40 Wall Street e l'American International Building
Dettaglio della facciata del RCA Victor Building (570 Lexington Ave)
Dettaglio del Midtown Theatre, 96th St Broadway
ingresso a pannelli in vetro e metallo del Chrysler Building
Chrysler Tower in notturna vista dalla cima dell'Empire State Building