My trip to China was not like exploring the other, unexplored face of the planet. No longer does a fresh breeze of wisdom and spirituality come from the East: China is awash with the products of globalisation, from Gucci to Apple, and fully inhabits the culture of ultra-liberal capitalism, which has led the Chinese to crowd into urban concrete mountain ranges. Observing people’s daily lives, what surprised me most was how Mao Tze Tung’s grey and blue uniforms have vanished from every city. Only a handful of impoverished beggars and a few peasants in the countryside still wear them. The Marxist-Leninist concept has been repudiated and forgotten. The youth of China seem to no longer believe in anything and only care about making money. The regime continually perpetuates itself and, to hide its dark, suffocating and bloody past, forbids its memory. The China I visited now lives immeasurably better than yesterday but forgets the events of Tiananmen Square.
Villagers get relocated from their communities according to speculative urban plans built on bribes and bureaucratic corruption. The new motto seems to be ‘getting rich is glorious’.
Future is the most critical of all subjects which cannot be photographed. However, I believe that at this rate, it will not tune with being progressive. To become and disappear is our destiny: Mao will never return to this scene, nor will the five thousand years of captivating Chinese history.

Shanghai - Nanjing Rd.
Běijīng (Pechino) - supermercato alimentare
Běijīng (Pechino) - concessionario di auto di lusso
Běijīng - pubblicità alla fermata dell'autobus
Shanghai - folla tra i negozi di Nanjing Rd.
Yangshuo - negozi e abitazioni
Shanghai - Apple Store in Nanjing Rd.
Shanghai - led pubblicitario in Nanjing Rd.
Běijīng - Dashanzi Art District
Shanghai - ristrutturazioni in Nanjing Rd.
Shanghai - ristrutturazioni sponsorizzate in Nanjing Rd
Běijīng - carrozza della metropolitana
Běijīng - persone in metropolitana
Shanghai - mendicante in metropolitana
Běijīng - mendicante
Běijīng - Tempio del Cielo
Sanjiaji - nuovi edifici residenziali
Hangzhou - nuovo quartiere residenziale
Běijīng - Dashanzi Art District
Guilin - scooter al semaforo
Shanghai - pendolari in metropolitana
Guilin - via del centro
Longxi County - proprietaria di casa
Běijīng - giovani sposi nel Dashanzi Art District
Shanghai - Giardino Botanico
Longxi County - TV come simbolo di benessere
Yangshuo County - interno di casa contadina
Yangshuo County - contadino nella sua abitazione
Yangshuo County - villaggio contadino
Xiahe - ruote buddiste del monastero di Labrang
Xiahe - anziana pellegrina presso il monastero di Labrang
Xiahe -monaci e pellegrini nel monastero di Labrang
Xiahe - giovane monaco del monastero di Labrang
Longxi - bambini giocano fuori dai negozi
Yangshuo County - vecchi contadini maoisti
Hejiagou (Longxi County) - contadini di ritorno dai campi
Hejiagou (Longxi County) - gregge di pecore lungo la via del villaggio
Hejiagou (Longxi County) - contadina in un campo di granoturco
Hejiagou (Longxi County) - cena contadina
Hejiagou (Longxi County) - contadino all'esterno della sua abitazione
Hejiagou (Longxi County) - contadino si rilassa al fresco della sera
Hejiagou (Longxi County) - ritratto di famiglia
Yangshuo County - crociera sul fiume Li